Born and raised in Kerala, India, Dr. Enas A. Enas immigrated to the United States in 1970 where he completed six years of training including cardiology at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. He is Board Certified in Cardiology. He has more than 35 years of clinical experience and has focused the past 20 years on bench research on heart disease among Indians. He has authored and co-authored more than 60 articles, editorials, and reviews in prestigious American, British, and Indian medical journals.

A true pioneer, Dr. Enas is the first cardiologist to sound the alarm on the strikingly high rates and malignant nature of heart disease among Indians in the US and around the globe Dr Enas is the first cardiologist to sound the alarm on the epidemic of coronary artery disease among Indians worldwide. As the principal investigator of the landmark CADI Study, he scientifically proved a

3-4 fold high rate of coronary artery disease among immigrants from India to the United States. He is also the first physician to identify and report a genetic predisposition to CAD in Asian Indians, mediated through lipoprotein(a) – a genetic variant of LDL cholesterol. His comprehensive review on Lp(a) appeared in the January 2006 issue of Disease-A-Month. For his ground-breaking research on heart disease, he has become a sought-after speaker at national and international medical conventions, seminars and CME programs. He has given more than 1,000 invited lectures in the US, Canada, and India.

Dr. Enas has dedicated his life to identifying the causes of the very high rates of heart disease among Asian Indians and developing strategies for its prevention and treatment. He convened 3 meetings of the International Working Group on coronary artery disease among South Asians (Orlando, FL 1996; Anaheim, CA 1997; and Atlanta GA, 1998) and published the reports in Indian Heart Journal. He chaired the First and Second Indo-US Health Summit on Heart disease among Indians in New Delhi in 2007 and 2009. These summits, for the first time, issued guidelines by the Indians, for the Indians, for the prevention and control of heart disease in this population with lower stricter threshold of intervention and treatment target. These reports were also published in the Indian Heart Journal. His book, “How to Beat the Heart Disease Epidemic among South Asians ─ A Prevention and Management Guide for Asian Indians and their Doctors” is the only data-based book of its kind and is a best seller among physicians and public alike.

Dr. Enas is a member of the American Heart Association and is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. He is currently the Founder President and CEO of the CADI- Coronary Artery Disease among Asian Indians Research Foundation and Advanced Heart Lipid Clinic in Downers Grove, Illinois. He has received numerous awards and commendations including those from Asian American Pacific Islander Journal of Health and American Association of Cardiologists of Indian Origin and Asian American and Pacific Islander Journal of Health. Dr. Enas was selected as one of America’s Top Physicians in 2003 and one of Top Cardiologists in 2009, 2010 and 2011 by the Consumer Research Council of America. He is the past President of the Association of Kerala Medical Graduates and a past Chairman of the Board of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI). He is on the editorial board of several medical journals including the Indian Heart Journal. He lives with his wife, Mary, in Chicago. Their only son, Manoj and three grandchildren Julianne, Jadyn, and Jordan also live in Chicago.

Invited Lectures and Orations

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Enas has given more than 1000 Invited Lectures, Presentations, and Orations to most major cities in the US and India, highlighting the excess burden of very premature heart disease and its causes. His pioneering efforts led to the recommendations to lower the threshold of intervention in this population by the Indo-US Health Summit on cardiovascular disease in January 2009.

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To listen to Dr. Enas speaking at the GOPIO Health Summit in 2010 click here.

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