Diabetes and CAD

Diabetes and Coronary Artery Disease 

  • Diabetes and heart disease are inextricably intertwined; one tends to lead to the other within 10 to 20 years (Figure040).1, 2
  • People with diabetes and no heart disease have similar mortality as heart disease patients without diabetes after 10 years of diagnosis.3-5
  • The risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) begins as early as 20 years before diabetes is diagnosed; it is already up to fourfold, 10 years before diabetes is detected. This finding supports the “ticking clock” hypothesis that CVD may begin before the onset of clinical diabetes.6
  • Both diabetes and heart disease are two deadly diseases that spring from a common soil and share an intermediary condition called metabolic syndrome (MS)─ a combination of three or more easily measured risk factors related to unhealthy lifestyle. SeeMetabolic Syndrome overview. 
  • Young adults with diabetes have rates of coronary artery disease (CAD) 12–40 times higher than those in people without diabetes.7 Subjects with diabetes  have been shown to have more advanced atherosclerosis.8 9, 10 High blood glucose is a greater risk factor for CAD and stroke than smoking.11
  • Compared to people without diabetes the risk of a heart attack is increased 3-fold in men and 10-fold in women <65 years of age.12 The risk is markedly increased in women who have both diabetes and MS─ a particularly deadly but common combination among Indian women.13 See MS and Women.
  • After a heart attack, people with diabetes have a 1.5 to 2 times higher death rate than those without.14
  • Diabetics have poor success and survival rates following angioplasty and bypass surgery. CAD mortality rates are twofold higher in people with diabetes compared to nondiabetic subjects and doubles for every 10 year increase in duration of diabetes.15-17


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