Diabetes and Cancer

Diabetes and Cancer 

  • Men and women with diabetes are 10% more likely to have cancer of some kind, according to research involving almost 400,000 individuals.1
  • Compared to those without diabetes, diabetic men were more likely to have colon, pancreas, rectum, urinary bladder, kidney, or prostate cancer; for men, the greatest increase in risk was for pancreatic cancer – the prevalence was four times higher in diabetic men compared to non-diabetic men.
  •  Diabetic women were more likely to have breast cancer, leukemia, or cancer of the uterus (womb).1
  • Although a link exists between diabetes and cancer, there is no proof one causes the other.1
  • On a brighter note, Asian Indians are known to have some of the lowest rates of cancer.1-4 This explains why the all cause mortality among Asian Indians is not particularly high despite very high rates of premature heart disease.
  • Diabetes is also associated with an increased mortality from all cancer types.5 The increasing prevalence of diabetes will translate into substantial clinical and public health consequences on a global scale. Therefore, cancer prevention and early detection should be important components of clinical management of diabetes.5


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