Diabetes in the Indian Subcontinent

Diabetes in the Indian Subcontinent 

  • According to the Diabetes Atlas 2010, India had 51 million diabetics in 2010 compared to 7 million in Pakistan, 6 million in Bangladesh, 27 million in the US and 43 million in China. Figure 043.1
  • The epidemic of diabetes is projected to continue unabated. By 2030 this is projected to increase to 87 million in India, 14 million in Pakistan, 10 million in Bangladesh, 36 million in the US and 63 million in China.
  • Thus, India is projected to maintain its dubious distinction of having the highest number of diabetics in the world.1, 2
  • However there is a4-fold difference in prevalence within each country with lower rates in the rural areas and higher rates in urban areas (see Diabetes India).


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