Coronary Size

Coronary Size

  • Contrary to common belief, the size of the coronary arteries in Asian Indians is not different from Europids when adjusted for body surface area and body mass index (BMI).1-4
  • Severe and extensive disease can mimic small coronary arteries (Figure 005). The first angiogram from the same individual (Figure 006) shows large arteries five years earlier. Extremely rapid plaque buildup during the five years between the angiograms had almost completely blocked all three major arteries, making them almost invisible on the angiogram conveying the false impression that Indians have tiny arteries.5
  • Diffuse atherosclerosis of the entire artery rather than localized narrowing is another reason for the widespread misconception of small coronary arteries among Asian Indians.
  • Body surface area and gender are both independent predictors of coronary artery size, although body size has a greater influence than gender.6
  • Left main, left anterior descending and other coronary arteries are smaller in women independent of body size and left ventricular mass.7 This suggests an intrinsic sex effect on coronary dimensions.8
  • Smaller individuals will have small coronary arteries irrespective of ethnicity, and Indians are no exception. However, intervention in small coronary arteries would be more challenging.1
  • Patients who underwent coronary angioplasty of smaller vessels have a significantly increased risk of major adverse clinical events, particularly repeat procedures.9


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