Indian American Women

Cardiovascular Risk among Indian American Women

  • Asian Indian women have a high burden of premature deaths from heart disease as is true all over the world.1 Both standardized mortality ratios (SMR) and proportional mortality ratios (PMR) have shown an excess of premature death from CAD (coronary artery disease) in women younger than 65 years of age in the state of California. With 100 as the standard, the SMR for CAD was 130 and PMR was 220 for women 45-64 years of age. 2
  • The gender gap in HDL-C (high density lipoprotein cholesterol) is significantly smaller in Asian Indians (7mg/dl) compared with whites (15mg/dl) independent of geographical location.3
  • The overall prevalence of low HDL-C in Asian Indian women is double that of Europid women in Dallas and three times higher among lean Indian women compared to lean Europid women (72% vs 25%).3
  • Despite a high prevalence of insulin resistance, abdominal obesity (62%), prediabetes, high triglycerides, and low HDL-C, the prevalence of metabolic syndrome is similar or lower than whites in many studies due to the use of inappropriate criteria.4-8
  • Compared with Europid women, Asian Indian women have significantly smaller overall HDL-C particle size at similar levels, which may reflect impaired, reverse cholesterol transport. These HDL abnormalities may partly explain the higher CAD rates in Asian Indian women.9
  • Many Asian Indian women have a higher prevalence of emerging risk factors such as fibrinogen than Europid women. 10
  • Smoking and unhealthy use of alcohol is very low among Asian Indian women but gestational diabetes and other diabetes are particularly more common.11 Lipoprotein(a) levels have been uniformly high among women as it is in men.8, 10
  • Physical activity is lower in Indian women than in women of other ethnic origin.8, 10


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