Complications of Diabetes

 Diabetes Complications: Indians 

  • The age at presentation of diabetes is 5-10 years earlier in Indians than whites. As the duration of diabetes is one of the strongest risk factors for complications, this places south Asian populations at particularly high risk.1
  • South Asians with diabetes have more aggressive microvascular and CVD complications, and increased CVD mortality (Figure 049).2 3, 4
  • In fact, many Indians have chronic complications of diabetes such as coronary artery disease (CAD), microalbuminuria, nephropathy (kidney damage), retinopathy (eye damage) at the time of diagnosis.4-6
  • Diabetic complication is very high even among the young. In a study of 2630 patients who developed diabetes before age 25  type 2 diabetes was more common than type 1 diabetes (48% vs 43%) . The prevalence of all major complication was very high among those who had diabetes for at least 15 years. Retinopathy was seen in 72% and 77%, nephropathy in 22% and 12% and neuropathy in 35% and 21% of T2DM and T1DM respectively.11 Thus early onset diabetes carries a grim prognosis in India.1 This is probably due to poor management of blood sugar and other contributors as well as the failure to use appropriate medications.
  • South Asians enrolled in the United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS) had more CVD risk factors at the time of diagnosis of diabetes and differences in clinical and biochemical parameters persisted during the study, which may result in poorer diabetes outcomes.5
  • In the U.K. Asian Diabetes Study (UKADS), South Asians had a significantly higher prevalence of diabetic retinopathy, with significantly elevated blood pressure, A1C, and total cholesterol, despite being younger than Europids. Earlier onset of disease and higher levels of modifiable risk factors make early detection of diabetes, annual referral for retinal screening, and intensive risk factor control a top priority.7
  • CVD mortality among South Asian diabetics is more than double compared with Europeans, with even higher risk in younger people.2, 3, 8, 9 This is in sharp contrast to lower risk of heart attack among Asians in the US.10


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