Ethnicity Overview


  • South Asians, Chinese and blacks represents approximately 60% of the world’s population but most of the CVD (cardiovascular disease) and its risk factors are derived from white populations.1 Although both Chinese and Asian Indians in the US are classified as Asian Americans, they are diametrically opposite in terms of morbidity and mortality from CAD (coronary artery disease).2
  • Despite very high rates of smoking and high blood pressure, the Chinese have very low  and the Japanese have the lowest rates of heart disease .2, 3
  • In sharp contrast Asian Indians have the highest rates of heart disease despite having similar or lower levels of traditional risk factors, with the exception of diabetes (Asian Indian Paradox).2, 3
  • Hispanics have the lowest rates of heart disease despite high rates of obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and low socioeconomic status (Hispanic paradox) (See Figure 073).4
  • Asian Americans have the lowest rates of heart disease except for Hispanics (See Asian Americans).


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