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  • In the UK, the prevalence of diabetes (Type 2) in the South Asian population is 20% which is nearly 5-fold higher than the indigenous Europid population.1-5 It is also significantly higher than all other minority populations, including Chinese.6 (Figure 044)7
  • Up to 40% of the diabetes amongst South Asians remains undiagnosed.2, 5
  • The prevalence of diabetes is particularly high among South Asians (20%) and is 7% among whites and 6% among Chinese.
  • Prediabetes is also more common among South Asians  and its progression to diabetes is 3 times faster among this population.5  Even non diabetic south Asians have higher levels of blood sugar and A1C than whites.8
  • Obesity is a major determinant of diabetes but the average BMI of UK South Asians is lower than whites.  BMI significantly underestimate the adiposity and risk of diabetes among south Asians.9
  •  It is worth highlighting that a BMI 25 or more in a south Asian confer the same risk as a Caucasian with a BMI > 30.4, 10, 11 A more accurate predictor of obesity in south Asians is waist circumference.12
  • CVD mortality among South Asian diabetics is more than double compared with Europeans, with even higher risk in younger people.13-16  This is in sharp contest to lower risk heart attack among Asians in the US (see Diabetes Complications).17
  • Seventy-seven per cent of South Asian deaths were caused by circulatory disease, compared with 46% of European deaths.13In sharp contrast, Caribbean subjects  with diabetes have a 70% lower risk than white even after adjusting for differences in  conventional cardiovascular risk factors.18  Among diabetic subjects,  risk of  heart attack was 4 times higher in South Asians than blacks in the UK.18
  • Enhanced and ethnicity specific targets and effective treatments are needed if these inequalities are to be reduced.16
  • The incidence of type 1 diabetes in south Asian immigrants to the UK has increased 4-fold to 12% in the past decade.19


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