Diabetes in Singapore

Diabetes Singapore

  • At a given body mass index (BMI), South Asians have more abdominal visceral fat, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, metabolic abnormalities, and metabolic syndrome leading to increased risk for diabetes and heart disease starting at a young age.1
  • The prevalence of diabetes in Singapore rose from 2% in 1975 to 9% 1998. The prevalence was highest among Indian women 15% and Indian men 17% .2
  • Asian Indians are not only more susceptible to the development of diabetes than Chinese and Malays but Indian diabetics are also more prone to develop heart disease. The risk of heart disease among Indians with diabetes is increased 4-6-fold compare to Chinese and 3-fold compared to Malays.3  The risk persisted after adjustment for gender, age, educational level, smoking, hypertension, alcohol intake, and obesity.4
  • Undiagnosed diabetes and prediabetes were more common than known diabetes and also were associated with increased mortality.4
  • Given the magnitude of risk, the prevention of diabetes amongst Asians is particularly important for the prevention of CAD.3 4
  • Diabetes is also a major contributor to stroke and is found in 52% of Indians with stroke.5


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