Bangladeshis in UK

Heart Disease in Bangladeshis in UK

  • In the UK, the heart disease rates are highest in Bangladeshis followed by Pakistanis and Indians, which seems to follow the socioeconomic gradient.1 Bangladeshi men have 112% higher CAD (coronary artery disease) mortality and  220% higher stroke mortality than Europids in UK.2 The rates for women are not available.
  • In the INTERHEART Study, those from Bangladesh had the highest prevalence of risk factors compared to people living in other South Asian countries.3
  • There are differences in social and economic circumstances, and lifestyles, both between Europeans and South Asians and among the South Asian subgroups. Bangladeshis and Pakistanis were the poorest groups.1
  • For most risk factors, the Bangladeshis (particularly men) fared the worst: Bangladeshi men had the highest rate of smoking (57%) the highest concentrations of triglycerides (181mg/dl) and fasting blood glucose (119mg/dl) and the lowest concentration of HDL cholesterol (37mg/dl).1
  • Bangladeshis also had the highest rates diabetes (27%) compared to Pakistanis (22%) and Indians (15.2%).1
  • Bangladeshis were the shortest (men 164 cm tall v 170 cm for Indians and 174 cm for Europeans). Blood pressure, however, was lowest in Bangladeshis.1
  • The protective effect of physical activity in all populations is well known. South Asians have lower physical activity than Europids and Bangladeshis have lowest physical activity among South Asians.4
  • A US study found more angiographically extensive CAD in Bangladeshis than non-Bangladeshis. Bangladeshis had twice the rate of 3-vessel CAD of non-Bangladeshis (53% vs. 26%) with no excess of risk factors.5 Prevalence of metabolic syndrome was 38% among Bangladeshis in the US.6


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