MetS and Diabetes

Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes 

  • Metabolic Syndrome (MS) confers a 5-fold risk of diabetes in five years (3 components); four or more components greatly increase the risk of diabetes by 25-fold.1-3
  • More than 80% of diabetic subjects have metabolic syndrome.
  • Patients with diabetes and MS have a substantially higher cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk and most Asian Indians belong to this category.4
  • Only a minority of African Americans with diabetes have metabolic syndrome. 
  • About a quarter of total diabetes occurrence and more than 10% of CVD is attributable to the metabolic syndrome. The number of metabolic syndrome components was linearly associated with adverse CVD outcome.5
  • The prevalence of MS is as high as 76% to 86% among diabetes subjects in Pakistan.6 This is probably true for India and other South Asian countries as well. 


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