Diabetes and Women

Diabetes and Women 

  • Almost half of diabetes deaths occur in people under the age of 70 years; 55% of diabetes deaths are in women. Diabetes poses a greater risk of heart disease to women, so much so that men and women with diabetes have similar rates of heart attack.
  • Compared to people without diabetes, women with diabetes have a 5-fold higher risk of  cardiovascular disease (CVD) compared to 3-fold higher risk in men. 1-5
  • Diabetic women with and without heart disease have 3- to 4-fold higher risk of dying from CVD and other causes compared to women without diabetes.1-4
  • Children of under- or over-nourished mothers are at higher risk of diabetes later in life. This suggests that diabetes may be triggered by events in the uterus (womb). Diabetes in a household, places additional burdens on girls and women.6
  • Diabetes is a neglected cause of maternal mortality: Diabetes in pregnancy increases the risk of morbidity and mortality for both the mother and infant.
  • Women who have had gestational diabetes, recurrent miscarriages, pregnancy induced hypertension or preeclampsia, have a higher risk of having a heart attack at a younger age than those who have not.7


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