Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes Knowledge and Awareness 

  • Awareness and knowledge regarding diabetes is still grossly inadequate in India.1
  • In a study of 26,000 adults in Chennai, the largest city in Southern India, nearly 25% of the population was unaware of a condition called diabetes. Only 22% of the whole population and 41% of the known diabetic subjects were aware that diabetes could be prevented. 2
  • Knowledge of the role of obesity and physical inactivity in producing diabetes was very low, with only 12% of study subjects reporting these as risk factors for diabetes.
  • Only 19% of whole population and 41% of diabetic subjects knew that diabetes could cause complications (See Diabetes South India).2
  • Although a study was conducted in Chennai, the information is probably applicable to all of India.
  • Massive diabetes education programs are urgently needed both in urban and rural India.3


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